Monday, 12 January 2009

C.A.L.M The Campaign Against Living Miserably

I would like to highlight a worthy charity C.A.L.M The Campaign Against Living Miserably that raises awareness of depression amongst young men.
I had the tragedy of finding out a friend committed suicide this weekend. You didn't know more men have died from their own hands in the last 4 years than have died in road accidents, drugs or AIDs. We need to change that. Yes! Not enough people know about C.A.L.M.
I have been trying to help this charity since last year when it first came to my attention. Now that someone I know could have had the possibility to be saved from knowing about this charity makes me feel even more strongly about the cause.
My generation has been so numbed by charity (clip board) muggers on the street and such milked events as Live 8 that we can't connect as much to real life.
If this seems a harsh comment then what I am trying to simply say is support a charity that you have a connection towards, and with that you are in daily life making a very BIG difference for a great cause, whichever one you choose. Don't let apathy become you.

Please see a recent video by Mat Lloyd and Matt Frodsham that might give another angle of C.A.L.M

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