Friday, 23 January 2009

Luxury face painting by Kat Sinclair

My professional body painter and friend Kat Sinclair has been a busy lady. I met Zoe Halfon owner of Papa Razzi at September '08 LFW. Zoe makes fabulous clutch hand bags that look like magazines. Zoe has seen my head designs and her friend Laura was having a masque Birthday party but didn't want to wear a mask. So Zoe suggest for Kat to come and paint a mask onto Laura's face. See the final design with crystals.

Kat was also at another party themed on animals with designs such as birds and zebra prints as below. So ladies and gentlemen if you want to feel that little bit special and don't want to go as far as shaving your head, call on Kat and she will do incredible job. Welcome to the art of accessorising.

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