Friday, 6 February 2009

Marc Rogoff and Elle Magazine

Two things to tell you about. Firstly I got together with photographer Marc Rogoff to do a photo shoot. He is a very talented man who has been involved with many projects and industries in his time. Now settled into photography his biography is here. He also has a great blog and you should check out 'David's House'.
As well VV Brown was interviewed for Elle magazine and mentioned a crystal headed person at a party, I wonder who that could have been? This was brought to my attention by Fred Butler one of the best accessory makers in the UK.

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welcome to style canteen said...

hmmm i saw a crystal encrusted head at the V&A Mapping Futures event the other night wonder who that could have??! Hi Philip lovely to meet you.. have a look at the picture let me know if theres enough sparkle in it for you!!'s the link